Express Raja is a 2016 Indian Telugu-language comedy thriller film written and directed by Merlapeka Gandhi. Produced by V. Vamsi Krishna Reddy and Pramod Uppalapati under their production company UV Creations, Express Raja features Sharwanand and Surabhi in the lead roles and Prabhas Sreenu and Sapthagiri in the supporting roles.


The film begins with the introduction of Inumu (Dhanraj), a peculiar thief who only steals items made out of iron. Then Raja (Sharwanand), Sreenu (Prabhas Sreenu) and Giri (Saptagiri) are shown kidnapping a pet dog and escaping. The film then moves to flashback where Raja and Sreenu are both jobless and constant source of irritation for their respective fathers. Raja's father is a teacher and a social activist. He along with his friend (Surya) collect money for an NGO for treating children. Raja and Sreenu are rounded off by the local area inspector (Posani) for being vagabonds as he feels vagabonds are a nuisance to the society. He orders them to leave for Hyderabad to do jobs that he arranged for them. However, as they reach Hyderabad, Raja sees Amulya (Surabhi) and falls for her immediately. He then presents himself as a salesman for Oxford Dictionary to woo her. He finally wins her love when he saves her from being molested by some goons. Amulya loves pet dogs while Raja hates them. As fate would have it, Amulya, who was about to propose her love for Raja, sees Raja hand over her pet dog to the local Municipal corporation. An enraged Amulya breaks up with Raja. Raja, to win back her love, goes looking for the dog and finds it in a pet shop, whose owner insists to pay money in exchange. Raja and Seenu, short of money, sell a record number of dictionaries to impress Bill Gates (Brahmaji) and take the required money from him. On reaching the pet shop, their bag gets exchanged in a bedlam at pet shop with Giri's bag. After a belated realization, they search for Giri and find out that Giri has set the bag on fire thinking that the bag had contained the love letters his sister received. Giri apologises and promises to do whatever Raja and Seenu ask him to. All of them then go to the pet shop only to realize that the dog had already been purchased. They then begin searching for the dog, After few attempts in vain they find the dog in Binami British (Supreet)'s home. The film is taken back to the kidnapping scene where they flee the place after kidnapping the dog.

Raja delivers the dog to Amulya only to find out that she is getting married to Kesava Reddy (Harish Uthaman), son of an MLA in Nellore, Kokila (Urvashi). A crestfallen Raja is detained by Binami British to reveal the location of the dog. However, Raja and Seenu escape from the clutches of Binami British to Nellore. However, he is caught by Kesava Reddy's gang as soon as he reaches there as Kesava Reddy thinks Raja is the reason behind mother losing her memory during a car crash that occurred in the melee created by the dog kidnapping. Raja is let off by Kesava Reddy as he was admonished by his mother to not to commit any crime until his marriage. Raja, with the help of Sreenu, then reaches the place where Amulya is staying and elopes with her. Keshava Reddy comes to know and chases Raja. Raja encounters a dance troupe on the way only to find that he was using the troupe's vehicle to escape from British. They then reach a local fair where they were to perform in dance program only to be caught by Kesava Reddy on stage. However, the stage where the troupe was dancing collapses due to a mischief by Inumu and Amulya is taken hostage by British and Giri while Kesava Reddy is looking to avenge his mother's memory loss and his abandoned marriage. Raja and Sreenu manage to find the pet dog and hand it over to British in exchange for Amulya. However, all of them are detained by Kesava Reddy only to be rescued by Raja when he knocks out Kesava Reddy using Oxford Dictionary.

Cast & Crew

• Sharwanand as Raja
• Surabhi as Amulya
• Harish Uthaman as Kesava Reddy
• Saptagiri as Giri
• Urvashi as Kokila
• Nagineedu as Raja's Father
• Prabhas Sreenu as Raja's uncle
• Dhanraj as Inumu
• Brahmaji as Bill Gates
• Shakalaka Shankar
• Posani Krishna Murali as police
• Supreeth as Binami British

Mission & VISION

To bring forth the most beautiful films ever made, encompassing all the elements of successful movie making while imbibing the most modern technologies and ensuring a strong relationship with everyone who contributes to our success.